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Women’s Agriculture Credit & Training

Why Agriculture Credit & Training?

Friendship Bridge currently has more than 5,000 clients in the agriculture sector.  Through surveys and research, we also know that 25% of our clients are financially dependent on farming. Many of these clients are subsistence farmers with low harvest yields and values. Without the tools to produce more and sell their yield, these clients are often unable to find solutions out of poverty. That’s why we started our Women’s Agriculture Credit & Training program.

To meet the unique needs of the agriculture sector, we designed our Women’s Agriculture Credit & Training program to give our clients access to new markets through specially designed credit products, technical training, risk mitigation services, business assistance, and access to value chain participants.

The Agriculture Credit & Training program has long-term goals to do the following:

  • bolster sustainable agriculture practices among small-scale farmers
  • involve our clients more strategically in their family businesses
  • raise income for rural, impoverished agrarian families
  • create self-reliant community agriculture groups
  • drive economic development in entire communities using Friendship Bridge’s proven lending and education model