Empower women. Eliminate poverty.


Upcoming Events 

Stay at Home Gala

Saturday April 14 | 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm MDT

We invite you to savor a night in the comfort of your home or a neighbor’s home for the 2018 Building Bridges Gala. As an international community we offer this Gala to bring together individuals in their local community while simultaneously connecting people around the world. Coming together this way not only allows us to save on the money and resources it takes to put on a large event, it also allows us to connect world-wide beyond the limits of one physical location. And all ticket purchase donations will be used to directly fund the work we do in Guatemala!

This year’s Stay-at-Home Gala will feature entertaining and informative videos, unique handmade artisan products, and an online auction. We hope you will help us to create opportunities that empower women to build a better life by joining this unique event.

Click HERE to buy tickets or to sponsor the Gala

Bloomington Circle Spring Event

Sunday April 29

International Walk for Health for Life Campaign

Friday September 21

Insight Trip

October 28 – November 3