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Other Ways to Give

Besides a straight-forward donation, there are other ways to give to Friendship Bridge. You can rest assured that your support will be used efficiently and effectively no matter how you give. Our high charity and financial health ratings are proof. We have a Guidestar Gold rating, the program’s highest distinction, awarded to less than .5% of charities.


Planned Giving

Thinking of ensuring the work of Friendship Bridge with your estate plans? Joining our Legacy Circle may be for you. Learn more by following the link below!

Legacy Circle Info


Monthly Giving

In our Microcredit Plus program, the women we serve are on a journey that culminates each month, or cada mes, in Spanish. They meet with their Trust Banks, make payments on their loans, and participate in education sessions — each month. Join the Cada Mes Club and support them on this journey — each month.

To sign up, head to our donate page and choose to make your donation, in any amount, recurring. You can modify your monthly gift at any time by calling our office at 303-674-0717 or emailing us at info@friendshipbridge.org.

Become a SEED Member

SEED (Sustainer of Economic Empowerment and Development) Members are committed to sustaining economic empowerment for women in Guatemala through an annual gift of $1,000 or more for three years (paid monthly, quarterly, or annually).

Learn More Here!

Stock Gifts

Another of the other ways to give:  a gift of stock. It may make smart tax sense to consider a gift of appreciated securities instead of writing a check — especially for gifts of $1,000 or more. The IRS allows a charitable tax deduction for the full market value of the appreciated security and you avoid capital gains tax. Please contact us at for stock giving instructions.

Employer Matching Gifts

Many companies and foundations will match charitable gifts made by their employees, retirees and clients. Be sure to inquire about a matching gift program to increase your impact. Click here to find a list of companies with matching gift programs.

Gifts from your IRA and Retirement Accounts

Qualified Charitable Distributions (QCDs) — If you have reached age 70 1/2, you may be able to use distributions from an IRA (including so-called “Required Minimum Distributions”) to make gifts directly from the IRA to charitable organizations and not have to pay any taxes on the amounts so distributed.  Ordinarily, income taxes are payable when you take a distribution from an IRA. With a QCD, instead of your paying income taxes, the charity gets the benefit of the entire amount.  In some ways, it’s as if you get a charitable deduction for the gift, but you don’t have to itemize deductions to take advantage of this way of giving.   Remember: this works only with an IRA (not other types of retirement plans), and the funds must go DIRECTLY from the IRA to the charity. Check with your IRA administrator or financial advisor for more details to see if it makes sense for you to make charitable gifts this way.

Fund a Trust Bank via Kiva

Consider funding a Trust Bank via our partnership with Kiva. By lending as little as $25 on Kiva, anyone can help our clients start or grow a business. Just go to Kiva’s Friendship Bridge page to see which loans are outstanding. Any Trust Bank unfunded by the deadline will not receive the funds at this point. So hurry before time runs out.


Donate your Vehicle

You can donate an old vehicle to Friendship Bridge. Please visit the Cars for Charity website, enter your vehicle information, and designate the car sale proceeds to Friendship Bridge.

Tribute and Memorial Gifts

Support Friendship Bridge as you celebrate a loved one. From our donate page, simply let us know who you wish to honor and how you would like notification to be accomplished. Your recipient will be notified by a beautiful gift card sent via email or standard mail.


Need more information or have questions? Please contact us at (303) 674-0717, or email us at info@friendshipbridge.org.


We are committed to respecting your privacy. Please find our full Donor Privacy Policy here.