Empower women. Eliminate poverty.

What We Do

Friendship Bridge provides microfinance, education, and preventive health services to women in Guatemala to support them in building resilience and pursuing opportunities.  We call this Microcredit Plus. The loan products we provide and the programs we facilitate are based on each client’s level of individual development.

Read our 2019 Annual Report to learn more about how:

  • We segment clients along our Client Continuum to support them in building a foundation for growth along a path of increased empowerment, business development, and reduced household vulnerability.
  • We use the levers of financial capital (credit, savings, physical assets), human capital (skills and capabilities), and social capital (relationship and networks) to accelerate the benefit of these products and services.


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Loan Products

Group Loan

This is our entry loan product, offered to individuals who form a Trust Bank (7 to 25 women) and co-guarantee each others’ loans as a form of social collateral. Learn More.

Chanim-Chanim Loan

Meaning “very, very fast” in Kaqchikel (Mayan language), this loan is available to Trust Bank clients for quick access to short-term loan capital for emergency or last-minute opportunities.

Solidarity Loan

A group loan (3-7 clients) for more advanced clients who have graduated from the Trust Bank model and qualify for a larger loan.

Parallel Loan

This individual loan is available to clients already borrowing as part of a Trust Bank who have a good credit history and a need for additional credit in order to expand their businesses.

Individual Loan

A larger, longer-term loan specifically for clients who graduate as Leaders along our Client Continuum; offered to accelerate the growth of their businesses and prepare them for the formal banking sector.

Plus Services

Non-Formal Education (NFE)

NFE is the backbone of our Microcredit Plus program. Delivered monthly during Trust Bank meetings, NFE sessions cover topics related to health, women’s rights, family, and business. Learn more.

Health for Life

The Health for Life program combines health education with women’s preventive health services. It was successfully launched in our Sololá branch in 2015 and expanded to Chimaltenango in 2016. Learn more.

Agriculture Credit and Training

This program gives our agriculture clients access to new markets through technical training and credit products. Learn more.

Handmade by Friendship Bridge (Artisan Program)

Artisans participate in technical and business trainings designed to help them enter new local and global markets. Learn more and Shop Now!

Business Development Program

Cultivates clients’ high potential for leadership, growth, entrepreneurship, and impact on their communities. Learn more.

Advanced Skills Training

Clients learn technical or advanced business skills to help diversify their income. Learn more.