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Bridge to Success

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Bridge to Success (“Puente al Éxito”) is the newest of Friendship Bridge’s programs and focused on empowering women entrepreneurs in rural Guatemala with intensive business development training, individual microcredit loans, technical assistance, connections to peer networks, and access to new markets. Supported by the financial backing of a $1 million grant, Bridge to Success allows us to directly serve a specific segment of clients we call Entrepreneurs. These women, who operate what are known as “livelihood-sustaining enterprises,” are highly motivated, have an economically-viable business model poised for growth, and are the drivers of economic development and new jobs in their communities.
The program will grow significantly over the next several years, resulting in increased income for these Entrepreneurs as well as job growth in Guatemala’s rural communities, where it is most needed.

“The Bridge to Success program will be excellent. I will invest my loan more securely because I know there will be buyers and connections. This will bring more orders and more work.” —Ruth, Friendship Bridge client

The Bridge to Success program provides two major benefits to clients:

  • Financial Services: Individual loans offered to women entrepreneurs for working capital and purchasing fixed assets. Loan terms of 6-36 months, with fiduciary guarantees, possession rights, and mortgages, depending on the size of the loan.
  • Business Training: Evidence-based classes focused on business strategy, planning, and management, as well as leadership and community development. Some market services will be offered as well, such as branding, business formalization services, networking, fairs, and business competition, among others.

We expect the impact of this program will play a key role in strengthening Guatemala’s economy and therefore address the root causes of migration in the Northern Triangle region of Central America.

A client poses next to a caption reading “Mujer rural exitosa impulsa más tu negocio”

“Successful rural women: drive your business further”

Para Clientas (For Clients):

  • Amiga, si estás buscando la mejor opción para hacer crecer tu emprendimiento, aplica al Programa Puente al Éxito, haciendo click aquí: www.puentealexito.org
  • We katajin ka tzkuj a yakb’al rachilam retamaxik rij jas ru’kaxik le a k’ayij kabano arechi ka wa’lij uwach, choja tz’ib’aj la pa le: www.puentealexito.org
  • If you are a potential Friendship Bridge client looking to join the Bridge to Success program, click here: www.puentealexito.org
Actress María Mercedes Coroy next to a caption reading “Ser una mujer rural exitosa hoy es posible”

“Being a successful rural woman today is possible”

María Mercedes Coroy:

  • We’re so grateful to have the support of Golden-Globe-nominated actress María Mercedes Coroy, who generously donated her time in 2021 to be featured in our TV commercials as we recruit applicants for the Bridge to Success program in Guatemala.
  • María grew up in Santa María de Jesús, Guatemala and speaks the native Mayan language of Kaqchikel. She is best known for her role in the film La Llorona (2019) and is instantly recognized by potential Friendship Bridge clients as a passionate and trusted advocate.
  • María has also been represented in USAID video promotions addressing irregular migration.
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