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Social Performance

Social Performance Management

Friendship Bridge has always been committed to making a transformative social impact in the lives of Guatemalan women, their families and their communities. As its guiding framework, Friendship Bridge utilizes the Universal Standards for Social Performance Management:

  1. Define and monitor social goals
  2. Ensure board, management and employee commitment to social goals
  3. Treat clients responsibly
  4. Design programs, services, delivery method that meet clients’ needs and preferences
  5. Treat employees responsibly
  6. Balance financial and social performance



Friendship Bridge continuously monitors and evaluates our achievement of these objectives.

Our Client Outcomes Reports highlight our social performance findings. Our data shows that significant change for our clients occurs over the course of three years. With that in mind, we have decided to publish our Outcomes Report every three years, in line with our strategic planning periods.regarding social performance, the cover of 2014-2016 Outcomes Report


Social Performance Standards & Awards

Friendship Bridge works to ensure a high level of compliance with the Client Protection Principles of the Smart Campaign, and we promote the practices in the industry within Guatemala, particularly in relation to preventing  over-indebtedness.

Friendship Bridge was recognized at Leader status by Truelift in 2017.

Friendship Bridge was recognized as Mix S.T.A.R. (Socially Transparent and Responsible) MFI 2013 by MIX Market. STAR Recognition is awarded to MFIs that have achieved a high level of compliance with the Social Performance Task Force’s Universal Standards of Social Performance Management as evidenced by the documentation provided by each MFI. Environmental protection policies are considered as well.

The Grameen Foundation featured Friendship Bridge for our use of the Progress Out of Poverty Index® in their 2014 Global Report. 

Kiva has awarded Friendship Bridge 5 (of 7) Social Performance Badges:

  • Client Voice
  • Anti-Poverty Focus
  • Vulnerable Group Focus
  • Entrepreneurial Support
  • Family and Community Empowerment



Education and Social Performance Committee

Friendship Bridge benefits from the knowledge, resources and expertise of our talented Education and Social Performance (ESP) Committee. Thank you to our ESP Committee members:

Anna de la Cruz – Research and Evaluation Professional

Cara Forster – Independent Consultant and SPTF Secretariat Member

Meryle Melnicoff – Board Member, Friendship Bridge

Susie Miller – Board Member, Friendship Bridge

Francy Milner – Professor at the Leeds School of Business

Victor Moscoso – General Manager, ACADEMICS

Maria Matilde Olazabal – Director of Alcance, Freedom from Hunger in Mexico

Julie Peachey – Director, Poverty Probability Index, Innovations for Poverty Action

Carolina Roca – Board Member, Friendship Bridge and partner of IDC

Caroline Rodriguez – Board Member, Friendship Bridge

Caitlin Scott – Social Performance Manager, Friendship Bridge

Carmen Velasco – Co-Founder of  Pro Mujer and Co-Chair of Executive Committee for Truelift

Heidy Garrido – Guatemala Country Director, Friendship Bridge