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Traveling this summer? We can help!

Summer has so much to offer. Bonfires. Ice cream. Pool days. Vacation.

This year, we want to help prep you for the best summer of your life! Check out our popular artisan items to aid your travel and provide great conversation starters.

Through Friendship Bridge’s Artisan Market Access, we can provide access to hand-made, high quality, items from our clients in Guatemala.

Jacinta’s luggage tag will add color to your travel experience!

These dog leashes trimmed with traditional Guatemalan fabric will be the most unique and fashionable you’ve ever owned! 6′ in length.

Made out of re-purposed huipiles from Totonicapan, these vinyl-lined cosmetic bags will help keep you organized. Perfect for cosmetics, toiletries, or electronics chords.


Made of beautiful Czech beads, these necklaces perfectly complement any outfit.

Made out of up-cycled corte material. These jewelry bags will add color and organization to your travel experience!

More about Friendship Bridge’s Artisan Market Access …

Friendship Bridge currently serves over 4,000 artisan clients. Through surveys and client research, many of these women have expressed the need to access new markets to sell their products and bolster their income. However, many of these artisans are isolated by language and geogra­phy, and many lack the business skills to thrive in the modern marketplace.

Friendship Bridge’s Artisan Market Access program provides artisans with trainings designed to ready them to access new markets – in particular, the global market. Trainings focus on topics such as quality of raw materials, buyer expectations, and tastes and preferences of the North American market. Artisans are also trained about product pricing to ensure they receive a fair wage for their work.

In one year, artisan clients doubled their income and their employees to meet the new demand.