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Three Unique Ways To Fold Your Corte Napkins!

by Kyra Coates


Friendship Bridge’s 2018 Stay-At-Home Gala is right around the corner, and when you purchase a ticket you receive 5 handmade corte napkins made from up-cycled traditional skirts of the Mayan women of Guatemala. At the $125 VIP ticket level you also receive 5 matching napkin rings! So what better way to celebrate and prepare for the upcoming Gala then by creating some napkin-folding works of art! Here are three fabulous designs to get you started.


1. Ruffles


Using soft folds in this pleated design creates a delightful bloom on your table! Here are the simple steps:

Step 1:  Begin with an open napkin, starting at the bottom edge, accordion-pleat the napkin up to the top

Step 2:  Fold the napkin in half, bringing the right and left ends of the napkin together











Step 3: Slide the folded end of the napkin into your new matching handmade artisan napkin ring, almost halfway up. Spread the top edges down to the left and right, creating a circular blossom shape.

Step 4: Wow your guests with your completed “Ruffles” corte napkin design!













2.  Haori


For a more Asian-inspired looked go for the “Haori” design. In Japan, a Haori is a coat worn over a kimono. Though it looks complex this is a fairly simple fold to create.


Step 1:  Starting with an open napkin, fold in half bringing the top edge down to meet the bottom edge

Step 2: Roll the top edge behind creating a hem on the back of the napkin.









Step 3: While holding a finger in the center of the top edge of the napkin, fold the top right and top left corners to meet in the center at the bottom.

Step 4: Fold the bottom right corner up to the center and tuck the edge under the band formed by the hem. Repeat on the left side









Step 5: Break out the sushi and impress with your “Haori” corte napkin design!



3. Pointed Pocket


Who said pockets are just for pants?! This lovely design is tall and slender and can hold flowers, silverware, chopsticks, a thank you note to your guests for attending, or whatever goes with your table decor!


Step 1: Begin by folding the napkin into triangular quarters. Place so there are three free corners at the top. Bring the top corner of the first layer down to slightly above the bottom corner.

Step 2: Bring the second layer down so that the corner rests slightly above the first folded layer.











Step 3: Fold the side corners, overlapping behind the napkin.

Step 4: Enjoy your pointed pocket corte napkins!









Now that we’ve given you a few ideas to make your party fabulous with these handmade artisan up-cycled corte napkins and matching napkin ringswe invite you to purchase your tickets for the 2018 Stay-At-Home Gala here so you can receive these napkins to begin folding!

Feeling inspired to show these napkin designs off? Consider hosting a party for our Stay-At-Home Gala! Not only will you receive these napkins with your ticket purchase, you also will also receive a host kit with a party timeline, which includes a gift of  handmade kitchen towels, videos to watch the evening of the event, and a box of Tipica Market items to sell at your event!

Have an amazing time being the chic of the chic party host! We look forward to celebrating with you.

Resource: “Folding Napkins” by Gay Merrill Gross. Check out this great book for more napkin folding ideas. It is for sale on Amazon here.

Kyra Coates is the new US Marketing Coordinator at Friendship Bridge. She is a passionate advocate for Women’s Empowerment and has worked for years to promote equality. Outside her Friendship Bridge working hours she is an artist and gallery owner, a mother of two fierce and fabulous daughters, and a typical Colorado outdoorsy athletic girl.