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The Nawal of our Dreams!

In Mayan tradition, Nawals are the spirits or energetic archetypes that represents a certain day of the month. In the Mayan calendar, there are 20 days in a month, and 18 months in a year. Similar to the more commonly known European astrology, every person has a specific Nawal based on the day of their birth.

For example, actress Susan Sarandon, who endorsed Friendship Bridge last year in this video, has the Nawal of the Eagle, which signifies someone who is wise, could easily be famous and has a wide view of society. It’s easy to see how she fits this description with her fame, social activism, and charisma.

This year our Building Bridges Stay-At-Home Gala is on April 6th. This day has the Mayan sign of the Earth. People related to this sign are very great dreamers. This is perfect for the day of our celebration, as our theme for this year’s Gala is “From Dream to Reality: 20 years in Guatemala.” Not only are we celebrating our 20th anniversary of when we first brought our Microcredit Plus services to Guatemala, but we are also celebrating the accomplishments of our clients, who brought their dreams into manifestation through working with Friendship Bridge.

Candelaria is one of these clients. She has worked with Friendship Bridge for almost twelve years, but just recently joined the Artisan Market Access Program. A few months ago she came into the Friendship Bridge office in Panajachel to work with Maya Colop-Morales, our Artisan Program Manager. Maya was ending a very long, tiring day of working with clients on product development. Candelaria was the last client of the day, and Maya was exhausted and ready to be done. Candelaria approached Maya and told her “I had a dream a long time ago, that one day I would be here working with you to sell my products in the United States. Today my dream has come true! You must feel so lucky to work with women like me to help our dreams come true!” Maya was deeply touched by Candelaria’s story and felt the joy in her words. Maya also felt a renewed sense of purpose in her work, as she recognized through Candelaria’s story the important work Friendship Bridge does for women in Guatemala!

You, too, can help women’s dreams become reality by joining us for our Building Bridges Stay-At-Home Gala on April 6th. You can celebrate in the comfort of your own home, or join one of the many Gala parties happening across the country. There will be videos to watch, and games to play about your Mayan sign. All ticket sales go to support our Microcredit Plus programs in Guatemala and can be purchased here. Standard tickets include a gift of handmade coasters created by our artisan clients. VIP ticket-holders also receive a beautiful Dream scarf, handwoven by Candelaria. Candelaria shared with us the intention in her design of the Dream Scarf.

“The ikat color I used comes from our nature, and the figure is a woman. For me, as a Mayan woman, we have the same rights as men. We can earn our own money with our talent that is why we have to value ourselves as women. The message of how important women are in the world is what I’m weaving in the ikat design of the scarf.”

So we ask you, what are your dreams? Have they come true? How do they relate to your Mayan sign? To find out what your sign is, you can calculate it here. We look forward to exploring our dreams further on the night of the Gala! You can purchase tickets below.


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