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Faces of Empowerment – From Mom, to Wife, to Entrepreneur

Photo by Susan Ryan Kalina

“I was the oldest of 12 siblings, so I never went to school in order to help my mom at home. My mom and dad were merchants and traveled, so I kept the house. I met my husband at 14, and started my own home. Now I have four children and we all work at our tailor shop primarily making jean pants. I also started a small grocery store. I used the profit from the grocery store to send my children to school. When I found Friendship Bridge, I got the capital I needed to expand the grocery store as well as my tailor shop. Friendship Bridge has made a great impact on our family because the loan was not just for my benefit, but for the benefit of our family business.” – Doña Catarina

Faces of Empowerment – Generational Change

“My grandmother, my mother, and I never went to school, but I’ve always looked for opportunities to grow. In my grandmother’s day, no one would give loans to indigenous women in rural areas, but I have a loan today, and I can access working capital to weave. My two daughters have attended school, and I want them to continue studying to prepare themselves for a better future. I cannot read or write, but my oldest daughter is helping me with my business since she has finished high school. I dream that both my daughters reach college. Thanks to my business, I’ve given formal education to my daughters and I’ve built my own house. I’m very happy. I feel prepared for new challenges.”
– Santos, Friendship Bridge Artisan Client