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Tipica Market

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diamond bannerTipica (adj): typical or characteristic; full of local color; rich in folklore; traditional. In Guatemala it refers to hand-crafted items, both traditional and modern. 

Welcome to the Tipica Market! We have assembled a selection of goods created by artisan clients in our Microcredit Plus program. Our artisan clients are among the poorest segment of women in Guatemala, and many have expressed a need to access new markets to sell their products and bolster their incomes. We work closely with these talented entrepreneurs to develop the skills they need to produce and sell their finely crafted artisan products to local, national, and international markets. By empowering our clients to design and produce market-ready products, we are supporting their self-sufficiency, improving their livelihoods, and helping to alleviate the effects of poverty.

Friendship Bridge products are made in accordance with Fair Trade guidelines. Click here to learn more about our artisan program. Read our artisans’ stories here.

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