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From Russia to the USA, I Can Make a Difference


Svetlana Yamanova 

reprinted from the Golden Transcript

My name is…Svetlana Yamanova.  I’m 47. I was born and raised in Russia and I came to the U.S. to attend school. I enjoy how free people are here. Americans have an I-can-do-it mentality.

I studied international relations and graduated from the University of Denver in 2003. I moved to Wheat Ridge that year.

I enjoy the outdoors. Where I’m from in Russia, we don’t have that kind of culture. That’s why I love Colorado and living so close to the mountains.

I volunteer with Friendship Bridge, which is a nonprofit organization based in Lakewood. I’m a member of the Foothills Circle. We’re a group of women who does fundraising for Friendship Bridge, and Friendship Bridge micro-lends to indigenous women in Guatemala. The funds provide the Guatemalan women an opportunity to become entrepreneurs so they can start a business weaving or making jewelry, for example, to help support their families…CICK FOR MORE