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Teresa’s Recipe for Success

Teresa's Recipe for Success

For Teresa, the business training and advice she has received through the Bridge to Success program has been a gift that keeps on giving—it has helped her earn more income and grow her customer base at her bakery, Pasterlería Teresita. Teresa’s transformation from watching online videos to mastering the art of baking in a class taken while in our Bridge to Success program highlights the real difference between self-taught skills and professional training. This shift in her learning approach significantly enhanced the quality of her offerings, making her cakes a favorite in her community.

“Now with the support of all the training as well as the creation of my Facebook page, I have attracted many customers. I have witnessed my own changes, thanks to all the advice and training at Friendship Bridge. I have grown a lot personally.”Teresa, Bridge to Success client

Beyond business skills, it is the confidence and focus that our program instills that makes a lasting impact. Teresa remembers a time when she struggled to prioritize tasks, but thanks to Friendship Bridge, “I focus my energy better,” she says.

What is Bridge to Success?

Bridge to Success is a specialized program that equips our clients with targeted training and advice tailored to their specific business needs. While all Friendship Bridge clients receive Non-Formal Education and financial assistance, the Bridge to Success program is designed for clients like Teresa, called Entrepreneurs, who are ready to take their businesses to the next level. The program offers both financial and non-financial services, suited to their specific business needs:

  • The financial component of Bridge to Success provides clients with access to capital to invest in their businesses through the purchase of fixed assets, working capital, or improvements to their business infrastructure.
  • The non-financial component of the program is the specialized business development services that Friendship Bridge offers to each Entrepreneur, via digital (both live and pre-recorded) and in-person training.

Help more women Entrepreneurs like Teresa

Bridge to Success is one of the only programs in Guatemala designed to offer these business-specific services to the “missing middle” segment of businesswomen—women who own businesses that are too large to be considered a microbusiness, but too small or “risky” to be offered conventional bank loans. This gap in financial services creates a significant barrier to growth for women who want to continue to grow their businesses. 

Your continued support is crucial in providing comprehensive assistance to women like Teresa. As we approach the end of the year, we invite you to support initiatives like Bridge to Success—your gift helps us offer these life-changing programs, allowing more women to unlock their potential and transform their lives.

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