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Primavera Trust Bank Invests in Progress

The village of Palanquix is home to Julia Ixtos, a woman with an infectious smile, and president of the Primavera Trust Bank. This group of Friendship Bridge microloan clients is comprised of 16 enthusiastic and hard-working women.

Trust Bank members gather to learn and make a loan repayment.

Trust Bank members gather to learn and make their first loan payment from a recent disbursement.

Julia is the group leader, and welcomes all the participants as they catch up with one another and listen attentively to Otilia Ixmata, the loan officer, to learn about indebtedness, the non-formal education topic for the month. Some of the women shared examples of friends or family who have been in that uncomfortable situation. The topic helps the clients understand how important it is to pay their loans back.

There are a variety of businesses led by women in this large group. From the traditional clothing markets to fruit stands and convenience stores, these businesses are growing due to the training clients receive. Trust Bank member Maria Tambriz recalls that she applied lessons from a recent “Investment” topic and plans on using her working capital to general profit and achieve better returns on her tortilla business. Another Trust Bank client, Isabela Ajtzalam, is an artisan who makes handcrafted baskets and buys reeds to increase her production.

The Pimavera Trust Bank members each have different stories woven with effort and hard work, sacrifice and perseverance as they continue to progress. Because of their involvement with Friendship Bridge, they have a chance to continue making life better for themselves, their families and their community.