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Lucia lives around Lake Atitlán, where traditional weaving artist traditions run deep in family histories. She learned to weave when she was ten years old, to help provide for her family. She primarily weaved blouses, belts, and other clothing items to sell in her community. As an adult, she began to produce table runners and napkins, and she is also working on crocheted items like baby booties, sweaters, hats, and yarmulkes.

Lucia has had the opportunity to participate in training programs with various local nonprofits, and she is now a part of Friendship Bridge’s Artisan Market Access Program. In this program, she is able to receive training on topics like quality control, design, costing, and export requirements.

Lucia has been a Friendship Bridge client for 11 years. Her first loan was for $140, and now she qualifies for a $1,200 loan to advance her business growth. She is also leading other women in her community by serving as the Secretary of her Trust Bank.

Lucia says the business training she has received from Friendship Bridge has helped her become a better entrepreneur. Through her business growth, she has been able to improve her standard of living and that of her family. Her son has even graduated with a construction degree, and Lucia’s goal is that all of her children can complete college education.