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When Encarnacion’s first daughter became very sick, their family could not afford to pay her medical expenses. Encarnacion began selling small snacks in the market to help with the costs, but the income was still not enough to cover the medical costs.

Driven to support her daughter and provide for her family, Encarnacion decided to weave huipiles, as her mother had done. She sold the huipiles in her community and soon had many orders for other products. Encarnacion saw a business opportunity and opened her own tipica shop, stocked with products such as scarves, table runners, shawls, hammocks, belts, and huipiles.

Today, two of Encarnacion’s five children have special needs, and her tipica store helps support her family’s ongoing medical costs. As she has had to provide for her family and care for her children, Encarnacion has struggled with her own mental health, but has found support through the group of Friendship Bridge artisans she works with.


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