Empower women. Eliminate poverty.

Opportunidades para Voluntarios

Volunteers greatly assist Friendship Bridge in its mission to empower impoverished women in Guatemala. Whether you are interested in supporting Friendship Bridge as a volunteer alongside members of your local community by participating in one of the Friendship Bridge Circles (or by creating a new Circle if one does not yet exist near you!), as a volunteer in our main Lakewood office, or as a translator from anywhere in the world, you can help the organization to achieve so much more than it could on its own through the donation of time, talent, and resources.

How You Can Help

Join our volunteer email list for volunteer opportunities at our main office in Lakewood, CO. Simply complete the form below and indicate how you would like to get involved.

Volunteers looking for opportunities in Guatemala: If you are fluent in Spanish and interested in (or are already planning on) traveling to Guatemala for at least three months, please consider working as a Kiva Story Collector and Field Blogger!