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New Circle Hosts Fiesta for Friendship Bridge


Circle members sell plants for Friendship Bridge

Plant sale at Fiesta for Friendship Bridge

One of Friendship Bridge’s newest circle’s recently hosted a wonderful Fiesta to raise money for Microcredit Plus.  Fiesta for Friendship Bridge was an amazing evening that included wonderful eats, beautiful silent auction, plant sale and more, all at Branch Mill Organic Farm in California.

Eight months ago, Carolyn Casas and Lonna Crane started Las Perlas del Mar Circle (aka Central Coast Circle) and have since raised thousands of dollars to provide Guatemalan women with microcredit and education. Fiesta for Friendship Bridge was intended to be a fundraiser, but was so much more.  The Las Perlas del Mar circle also raised awareness and added seven new members to their circle during that event!

 The event drew many people who are not circle members, and they were all very excited to learn more about FB and support the women of Guatemala in various ways.  Adding to the evening festivities was a presentation by Delfina, a FB Branch Manager, and entertainment from Chris Belund, a talented artist who supported the event with the gift of music. “It warmed my heart how everything, except paper supplies, was donated so we had very little overhead.  In addition, we had several women stay late to clean up…we were all tired but working together and creating many great memories,” says Carolyn.

Both Lonna and Carolyn have traveled to Guatemala to see Friendship Bridge in action.  “I am drawn to microcredit as a development tool and after reading The Blue Sweater, which Lonna lent me, it makes sense that the best way to empower people to change their lives for the better is through microloans.  I love the idea of women helping women in other counties, too.  We have so much here and it feels good to share some of that,” explains Carolyn.  “And I agree that helping women grow and be successful helps the whole family prosper.  The education that FB gives is extra much- needed support for these women.”

Thank you Las Perlas del Mar for hosting such a great event on behalf of FB!