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Need Ideas for Hosting a Building Bridges Stay-at-Home Gala Party?

Our 2017 Building Bridges Stay-at-Home Gala is just around the corner, on Saturday, April 8th. Many of our friends across the US are hosting parties on April 8th to celebrate! The office in Colorado is happy to support you with extra invitations and resources to make your event a success! Please be sure to let us know if you are planning to host a party so we can send you a special artisan-made apron in appreciation for organizing an event.

Ways to support Friendship Bridge during your party

  • Welcome your guests with a brief introduction to Friendship Bridge and talk to them about why you support the organization. (See our Friendship Bridge 101 web page for talking points and to rehearse your Friendship Bridge “elevator speech.”)
  • Share the link to the online auction with your guests.
  • Have your wifi password handy for guests so they can bring their iPads and phones to make their final bids on online auction items.
  • Make sure your computer or tablet is ready to watch the short online video premiere, which will be emailed to you at 7pm MDT.
  • Provide donation forms for your guests who are interested in supporting Friendship Bridge (Click here to download and print).

Ideas for activities

  • Friendship Bridge Video Premiere Bingo – We’ve created bingo cards with key words about Friendship Bridge’s work, to play during the short online video premiere at 7 PM MDT. Simply print out bingo cards for your guests, grab a pen, and you’re ready to play. Watch and listen to the video about Friendship Bridge’s work and mark key words and images you see in the video! See who can get BINGO first! (Click here to download and print cards)
  • Play marimba music (the marimba is the national instrument of Guatemala). Here is a link to some marimba music you can play in the background.
  • Wear or display any tipica you own (tipica is traditional Guatemalan hand-crafted items).
  • Display photos from your travels to Guatemala.

Menu Suggestions

Drinks and Cocktails

We hope you’ll join in the fun and host a party!

If you have any questions, please contact Nicole at neubanks@friendshipbridge.org. If you decide to host a party for the Stay-at-Home Gala, please be sure to let us know!