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Meet Our New Country Director

Friendship Bridge is pleased to announce our new Country Director, Heidy Garrido.

Heidy came to Friendship Bridge with significant experience in human resource management, employee and client training, as well as the development and mentoring of micro, small, and medium businesses. She has spent much of her career with the Asociación de Gerentes de Guatemala mentoring both in the private and public sector. Most recently, she was head of corporate social responsibility for a public utility.

Heidy started working with Friendship Bridge in 2010, when she was with the Asociación de Gerentes de Guatemala.  “The way to achieve an ideal society is to make one,” said Heidy. “I knew that working with an NGO like Friendship Bridge would be challenging and satisfying since I could make a contribution to the development of society as well as to the empowerment of Friendship Bridge employees.”

Over the years, she worked with Friendship Bridge as a mentor and trainer on numerous projects.  Heidy finally joined Friendship Bridge full-time as the Director of People Services in January 2017, during a time of much transition within the organization.  Since then, she has made many positive changes, not only in the Human Resources and Education departments, but also leading our Guatemala operations as the Acting Country Director since August.

“Heidy’s passion for the work of Friendship Bridge is evident in all that she does, and it is contagious to all around her,” said CEO & President Karen Larson. “Heidy’s strong commitment to both the financial growth and social impact of Friendship Bridge makes her a perfect candidate for this position.”

Heidy has worked throughout Guatemala; has a keen understanding of our clients’ needs; and recognizes that strong internal systems, along with well-trained and motivated employees, are keys to success.

“Everything depends on how well we learn to motivate people and how we cope with pressure,” said Heidy. “This is my passion – I’ll take it!”

Heidy is most motivated by the mission and vision of Friendship Bridge. “We will carry it to the hearts of every employee, stakeholder, and volunteer so that we can continue to make significant contributions towards the betterment of our clients’ futures,” said Heidy. “This means a lot to me, not only professionally, but personally. I get to serve with passion and happiness.”