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Meet Jamie Alpert: Friendship Bridge Donor + Volunteer

We are pleased to congratulate Jamie Alpert, the winner of our special, Health for Life donation prize for our Health for Life Challenge 2021! Every donor who gave to this year’s campaign was entered into a drawing and one person was randomly selected to win a 2 Night Stay at the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park and a $75 Visa Gift Card. Learn more about Jamie and why she is so passionate about our work at Friendship Bridge.

Q&A with Jamie Alpert

Tell us about yourself! Where do you live, work, and what do you do for fun?

I live in Golden, Colorado. In Genesee, actually, just down the way from Laurie Dolian. Laurie has been quite active in Friendship Bridge, and in addition to being a former board member, she has been instrumental in getting at least four more women on our street to join Friendship Bridge. Last year during September in order to support Health For Life, the Genesee Circle broke up into pods, and I chose to learn to play pickleball. It was the perfect activity during the summer of COVID-19. We could play outside and still be safe. It may have saved my sanity! In addition to pickleball, I love to read, watch movies and spend time with my family and friends.

How did it feel to be selected as the winner of our drawing?

What a thrill it was to be chosen as the winner of the Stanley Hotel drawing! This summer, my husband John Brown and I celebrated our 20th anniversary with a dinner out.  We didn’t get away, as it seemed like everything was booked up early, but now we will take a belated anniversary trip. We’ve never stayed at the Stanley before, so this will be a treat for us.

How did you hear about Friendship Bridge and why did you get involved?

I learned about Friendship Bridge from Laurie Dolian. I was a Spanish teacher at Cherry Creek High School for over 20 years. When I retired and moved up to Genesee full-time, Laurie pointed me toward Friendship Bridge. It was a natural fit. I have always loved Guatemala and had even studied there for two weeks one summer during my teaching years. I believe it’s very important to support the most vulnerable – and that would be the women of Guatemala.

Why did you decide to donate to this year’s Health for Life campaign?

With COVID-19, more than ever, we believed that helping those in need was crucial. We’ve supported Friendship Bridge for the Building Bridges Gala, the Emergency Food Relief Program, the Health for Life Challenge, and on Colorado Gives day. It seems that we like to donate just about quarterly, which makes it easy to help out. Women’s health is important, so that makes it a perfect match.

How are you involved with Friendship Bridge?

I am an active Circle Member and a former Circle Leader. Plus, in 2017 a number of us from our Circle participated in an Insight Trip to Guatemala. What an impactful experience it was to meet some of these entrepreneurs who are supported by Friendship Bridge! And I also love to talk to my friends and family and tell them about what a great organization Friendship Bridge is.

Why is our mission important to you?

I love the fact that by supporting these women, we are helping them build a business and thus, helping them to support their families. These women invest 90% of their income in their families and communities, and they help their kids stay in school longer. Plus, these women are role models for their young daughters.

What do you wish people knew about Friendship Bridge who do not yet know about us?

Migration to the US is something that impacts all of us. The people who trek to the US in search of a different life often risk all sorts of danger (rape, robbery, death.) Organizations such as Friendship Bridge offer these women a chance to improve their lives and those of their families.  Through microcredit loans, education, and now Health for Life, the women in Guatemala are offered a chance to provide for their families, learn how to run a business, and become more resilient. This empowerment of women is something I want to support. Wouldn’t everyone?

Thank you, Jamie!