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Legacy Gift to Provide Years of Assistance to Impoverished Women

Appreciation is the word that comes to mind when Dr. Judy Snyder considers Friendship Bridge and its clients. The Colorado resident saw opportunity at work when she came face-to-face with loan recipients at their homes and at their businesses during a February Insight Trip to Guatemala with the organization.

During the nine-day trip, Judy was so impressed with the improvements gained with the loans and training programs that she approached a Friendship Bridge board member with an offer of immense value. She is providing a legacy gift of $70,000, realizing that the funds will help numerous families and generations. It is a legacy to Guatemala as well as Friendship Bridge.

“Let’s look to the future,” Judy said. “A little goes a long way. The paperwork took minutes to set up.” And her gift will last years.

Snyder, a retired Professor and Dean at the University of Denver,, knows the significance of education. Along with extending microfinance loans, Friendship Bridge also trains clients on the importance of putting children in school, especially girls, and keeping them in school. Girls are often pulled from classes to help with chores around the house.

“For a former educator, it was great to see that their kids can now go to school. For some, it was the first generation ever. We brought notebooks, pens and pencils. It was recommended that we bring eyeglasses since they don’t have the money to get them and I cleaned out a store and bought all their reading glasses. The women were thrilled with them. The things we take for granted—everything is so appreciated.”

If you are interested in arranging a legacy gift, either through a will or trust, or as a beneficiary of 401(k)s or other investments, please contact your financial institution or Development Director Michael Allen at mallen@friendshipbridge.og