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International Women’s Day: Francesca Shares Her Story

Francesca wears a proud smile while representing all the women who work hard every day to fight poverty.

by Brittany S. Bahk

Francesca trudged up the hill with a large basket of tortillas in one hand and her purse in the other. By the time she got to the top of the hill, she was panting heavily and trying to catch her breath.

“Pardon me for being a bit late,” she said enthusiastically with a wide smile, “It took me an hour and half to travel here, and traffic was crazy today!” Francesca plopped down her basket and gave large, motherly hugs to everyone. Although our meeting only lasted a fraction of the time it took her to travel, her bright spirit and warmth remained true throughout our time.

Francesca, a tortilla vendor, recently began her first loan cycle through Friendship Bridge. Married with seven children, she’s thankful that all her children receive formal education in school. Francesca did not have the financial support of her parents to complete her education since her father couldn’t find a stable job, so she only studied up to the 6th grade. Today one of her main goals is to support her children through graduation and help them acquire professional jobs. Her oldest child has already graduated from college with a career. She wants to make sure the rest of her children follow these steps so they won’t suffer later on in life. “Friendship Bridge empowers women like me to not only better our lives but also to help those in our community,” said Francesca. Since joining Friendship Bridge, she has felt empowered to work harder to achieve her goals She will soon start to sell fruits and vegetable in addition to her tortillas to further support her family.

Francesca also emphasizes the importance of health along with education to her children. “I had horrible allergies and red spots all over my body which have scarred my face to this day,” said Francesca about her pregnancy ten years ago. “As a mother of six, I was so worried about my children and how my health would affect my ability to work. The anxiety prevented me from going outside. I was constantly worrying.”

Rashes prevented her from being in sunlight, but after seeing multiple doctors and using medicinal plants, her rashes eventually healed. Today, Francesca continues to be a very strong woman with many hopes and the determination to achieve her dreams. However, she knows that there are far more people who are in need of help.

“If our neighbor ever needs help, we are always willing to lend a hand, and now I am able to help my community more with the help of Friendship Bridge,” said Francesca. “I thank each one of those working in Friendship Bridge for taking notice of me, for helping us work, and for helping us be better community members and mothers to our children.”

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Brittany S. Bahk, Story Collector & Field Blogger Intern

Brittany is a third-year Business Economics major specializing in International Economic Development at Seattle University. She loves to travel, serve and learn from the communities in need across the globe. She is also passionate about social justice and public health. Brittany will be the Story Collector & Field Blogger intern for Friendship Bridge through March in Panajachel, Sololá in Guatemala.