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International Day of Social Justice

International Day of Social Justice

Today is the International Day of Social Justice. Social justice can mean a lot of different things. To our fellow microfinance institutions, justice means giving people the financial resources to lift themselves out of poverty. We here at Friendship Bridge believe in a microcredit plus model, meaning we believe social justice for the poor should also include education, skills training, and access to healthcare. For us this means meeting women where they are at and giving them resources to find their own solutions to poverty…solutions that will give them and their families opportunities and hope for their futures. We believe every individual should be able to have that kind of hope.

Our social justice focus is microcredit, but others who are committed to social justice fight to promote education or health, to end exploitation, or to end violence. Some individuals are devoted to bring social justice to their own hometowns and others are advocating for justice globally. Each cause, each country, each individual is worth our efforts.

Today we stand united with any individual and organization devoted to social justice. How are you committed to social justice?