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How poverty data influences strategy at Friendship Bridge

For many years, Friendship Bridge has been utilizing both qualitative and quantitative evaluation tools to monitor the impact of the mission.  In 2011, Friendship Bridge committed to a PPIlogomore consistent evaluation process to better monitor balanced financial and social performance, which included conducting a baseline study using the Progress out of Poverty Index (PPI).  The following year, Friendship Bridge institutionalized the PPI as part of its regular processes.  The data collected from these efforts are now used to shape the strategic plans and priorities for the organization.

The Grameen Foundation’s PPI blog recently highlighted Friendship Bridge for our efforts in using poverty data to influence strategy.  The data obtained through the PPI validates existing program strategy to deliver microcredit and education to our target market.  In addition, the data is guiding the 2014-2016 Strategic Plan to expand programs that offer diversified financial products and advanced educational services.  Please read the full blog post on the PPI blog here.