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6 Holiday Gift Guides

Handmade by Friendship Bridge

Gift guides. They showcase products, inspire shoppers, and ensure brands stay top of mind throughout the season. They promise to identify the perfect gift for everyone on a shopper’s list. They are curated, personalized, and seemingly timeless traditions in retail. Considering the ever-evolving world of retail and the ongoing shift from brick and mortar to click and order, such gift guides are continuing to gain popularity in e-commerce. It’s a gift guide, a gift of guidance, and, at the end of the day, an opportunity. An opportunity to both increase conversion as well as help shoppers make a decision. To create a more efficient shopping experience. To highlight best-selling products as well as introduce and generate interest in a brand and in the story behind it.

Handmade by Friendship Bridge is the Microcredit Plus program of Friendship Bridge which equips our artisan clients with the skills, education, and technical assistance they need to reach their potential and sell independently in the global market. The Handmade brand is only about two years old (the program was formerly known as the Artisan Market Access Program), and thus efforts to promote it, increase its visibility, and educate relevant audiences about its mission and work are ongoing. We are always seeking additional sales channels through which to promote the talented artisans’ unique handmade products and fortunately, these efforts are paying off. Just this holiday season, Handmade was featured in six different gift guides, thereby increasing sales, conversion, and overall brand awareness!

The 6 Gift Guides

Seadbeady’s Fashion & Lifestyle Blog

Handmade by Friendship Bridge artisan client, Micaela, had her Tikal Tote Bag with Leather Straps was highlighted in the “Where To Find 24 Great Gifts For Women.”

Chatty Patty’s Place

Magdalena’s Santa Catarina Agua Table Runner, Micaela’s Tikal Tote Bag, and Dominga’s Multicolor Shawl received highlights in this “Help Empower Women in Guatemala by Supporting Friendship Bridge” post from November.


A platform dedicated to highlighting the diversity of the U.S. Latina experience, it empowers and entertains by providing thoughtful, engaging content on the topics Latinas care about most. Handmade – and, specifically, Francisca T.’s Sunrise Shawl – were highlighted in HipLatina’s “Gift Guide: Indigenous Lifestyle Brands You Need to Shop” post from November.

Consumer Queen

A Lifestyle Blog. Handmade by Friendship Bridge, and, in particular, Ruth’s Alma Yoga Mat Carrier received a highlight in this “Holiday Guide: Christmas Gifts for Her” post from November.

Elevate Destinations

A dynamic travel company that plans unique, eco-luxury trips with a positive social impact, designed for families, friends, and organizations. Friendship Bridge, and a pair of Swittens, in particular, received a highlight in their “Holiday gift guide: Central and South America” post.

Marriott Bonvoy Traveler

An online travel and lifestyle publication featuring destination content. Handmade by Friendship Bridge received a mention in their “For Memory’s Sake: Support Local Artisans and Traditions with These 10 Travel Keepsakes” post.

From mentions to detailed descriptions about what we do at Friendship Bridge or at Handmade by Friendship Bridge, we are honored and humbled to be included on these diverse platforms and deeply thankful to be able to bring more sales to our artisans as a result. A heartfelt thanks to those who were willing to include Handmade in their guides.

And we are also deeply thankful to you. Thank you for supporting our talented artisans each time you purchase their unique handmade products. Thank you for spreading the word about Friendship Bridge to your friends and family. Thank you for keeping up with us throughout the year. Thank you for your support, for your commitment to women’s empowerment, for your desire to join us in our mission to create opportunities that empower Guatemalan women to build a better life. Wishing you and yours a peaceful, relaxing, and safe holiday season.