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Health Initiatives Provide a Breath of Fresh Air

Guatemalan women learn more about new, safe stoves with Friendship BridgeHealth initiatives are part of Friendship Bridge’s commitment to the women we serve.  This has led to an exciting new partnership with HELPS International, the manufacturer of ONIL stoves and the pilot of our newest health initiative project. For centuries the Mayan’s, Guatemala’s indigenous population, have cooked using open flame fires on the floors of their homes. This traditional method of cooking is the cause of rampant medical and environmental problems including severe burns, respiratory problems and smoke-related eye complications.  In addition, these open fires use significant amounts of wood that takes valuable time to gather, are expensive, cause physical stress and have detrimental environmental effects.  HELPS International has developed the ONIL stove, which minimizes smoke and burns, and reduce wood use by 70%.  Learn how these stoves work in this short video.

Friendship Bridge is working hard to facilitate our clients’ transition to the ONIL stove.  Last week, we conducted our first ONIL stove learning session with clients.  The women are excited about the opportunity and many began to fill out applications for special micro-health loans to purchase a stove for their household.  This project helps create a healthy, lasting change for our clients, their families and communities.