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Guatemala Friendship Bridge Staff Challenge Themselves for Change


Francisco and his team do pushups in preparation for the 5k run on September 22, as part of the #HealthForLife challenge that raises funds for Friendship Bridge’s Health for Life program.


Friendship Bridge staff believe in their work and their mission – creating opportunities that empower women to create a better future through microfinance, education, and preventive health services. That’s why during the month of September they’re rallying around the #HealthForLife campaign to raise funds for the Health for Life program. Plus, it provides an opportunity to slow down a little bit and focus on personal health.

“We must protect our health and our family’s health,” said Acting Director of Credit & Operations Francisco Meletz who is encouraging all staff to get healthy this month. However this campaign offers even more for Francisco. “This campaign not only motivates me to care for my personal health, it also allows me to raise funds to continue helping the Guatemala women who are our clients.”

This year, Fransisco’s goal is to run a 10k in 60 minutes. All of the Guatemala staff will be getting together on September 22, to complete a 5k, and Francisco plans to double his distance.

“This is our chance to raise funds for our health program, have fun, and build teamwork,” said Francisco. “Let’s run!”

To support the Guatemala staff #HealthforLife campaign, click here.


Francisco’s motto during training: The only
thing that can defeat you is yourself.  The only
person who limits you is yourself.