Empower women. Eliminate poverty.

Salida Circle


Mega Juba


The Salida Circle was formed on October 6, 2001. Kathie Younghans had a long term love affair with Guatemala after having lived there as a volunteer in 1969-70. After moving to Salida in 2000, she was invited to a Denver Circle fundraiser for Friendship Bridge. There were tipica goods for sale at the Garden Party event and she offered to take them back to Salida and try to sell them at the much loved Bongo Billy’s coffee house she managed. The goods sold out in less than a week and garnered much interest from the local women, many of whom already had their own connections or interest in Guatemala. They decided to hold a fundraiser for Friendship Bridge, and thus began the Salida Circle.


Our events vary from year to year. We have held community pot-lucks, educational films, jewelry and tipica sales as well as social gatherings. Once a year we help promote an event at Amica’s Pizza and Microbrewery, a local restaurant, which donates a portion of their Sunday sales to Friendship Bridge.

Why we support Friendship Bridge

As a strong group of women in a small town, we find it fulfilling to assist with empowerment of women globally. We believe when provided with proper resources, like micro loans and education for women and their children, Guatemalan women can learn to be self-sustaining. They are then able to focus on the challenges of poverty, domestic abuse, and physical limitations to create a better life and work together to make their community stronger. We are women (and men) supporting women to make the world a better place!