Empower women. Eliminate poverty.

Evergreen Circle


Jill Brashear
Deborah Kramer


Third Tuesday of each month 6 or 7 times per year, and have a delicious meal prepared by several of our members on a rotating schedule.


This is a very special group of woman. Everyone seems to find their niche in order to contribute along with the camaraderie we have toward a common cause. The Evergreen Circle is the first Friendship Circle which started in 1998 when the organization’s focus moved to Guatemala. Many of our current participants went on the very first trip to Guatemala to visit some of Friendship Bridge’s earliest clients. Our members have a particular interest in education and are focused on the role it plays for women and their children. We have 25 active members and many more who are willing to contribute and help with various activities.


We make and sell “swittens”, which are uniquely designed mittens made from old wool sweaters. For the past several years, some women have learned the artistic skill of making items out of fused glass including Christmas Tree ornaments We are also an active part of a local bike ride called “The Triple Bypass”; we help the riders for two days and receive a donation for our efforts. Additionally we attend local Alternative Winter Fairs and sell Guatemalan textiles. Many of our members also put together fun and interesting gift baskets for the Building Bridges Gala.