Empower women. Eliminate poverty.

Antelope Valley Circle


AntelopeValley2-200The Antelope Valley Circle was formed in 2008 when Constancia Leshin realized a longtime dream of returning to Guatemala on a Friendship Bridge Insight Trip after a hiatus of over 30 years. The mission of Friendship Bridge resonated deeply with her and within 3 months of her return, she began to organize a support circle. Vivian Komori and Ulrica Bell Perkins, well-connected members in the community, were on board immediately and drew like-minded women to our meetings. The first fundraiser was held a few months later and featured former NBC Health Expert, Dr. Art Ulene. Since then, we have held a major fundraiser each year.


We are a strong group of like-minded women who enjoy getting together for lunch and planing creative fundraisers. For the past five years, we have held a grand celebration of the “Day of the Dead” complete with delicious food in a festive venue with music, dance, silent auction and sale of traditional handicrafts and textiles or “tipica”. We also hold minor fundraisers during the year.

Over half of our Circle members have been to Guatemala on Friendship Bridge Insight Trips and understand what a huge impact the organization plays in the lives of indigenous women. That motivates us even more to raise funds and awareness!

Why we support Friendship Bridge

We are interested in a world where impoverished women eliminate poverty and create a more prosperous future for themselves, their families and their communities. Each of us is keenly aware of how we have been gifted in so many ways by virtue of being citizens of the United States. We understand that our sisters in Guatemala have a tremendous need for micro-loans and education. Our hearts are deeply touched by this awareness and that is why we invest our time and energy in Friendship Bridge. We welcome you to join us at our meetings or events!