Empower women. Eliminate poverty.

Tell Our Story

Updated June 2016

everything you need to know to tell our story

Friendship Bridge has a story to tell — a story of empowering women, a story of transforming lives, a story of eliminating poverty. But we need your help to tell it!

This digital toolbox will give you the tools you need to tell our story from a number of angles. Whether you’re a board member, a volunteer, a donor, a student, or someone interested in global development….whether you’re giving a presentation, emailing a friend, or advocating for us through a campus group. You’ll find below the information you need to help spread the word! And if you need additional information, feel free to reach out to us at info@friendshipbridge.org.

Stories & Videos

We’ve found that sharing stories about our inspiring clients helps people feel more connected to our mission. Here are a couple stories we recommend sharing:

Tomassa (blog)

Otilia (video)

We also recommend sharing a video or two. Here are some videos from our YouTube page:

Friendship Bridge’s Impact (2:24)

The Power of Women Owned Businesses (1:31)

Friendship Bridge client stories (4:31)

Friendship Bridge History (14:14)

Elevator Pitch

What if you only have 30 seconds to tell our story? Below is an example of an “elevator pitch.”

Friendship Bridge provides microcredit and education to women entrepreneurs in Guatemala. Friendship Bridge knows it takes more than loans to help women find their own solutions to poverty, and that’s why they designed their Microcredit Plus program with services like nonformal education, advanced training, and health services that empower a woman holistically. Friendship Bridge listens to what its clients need and designs products and services to meet those needs. 

Social Media

Invite people to find us on social media! We regularly post stories and photos from the field, so following us on social media is a great way to stay connected on a daily basis.

Click here for more tips and to learn how to use our social media.