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Friendship Bridge Ranked as the #1 Best Place to Work® for Women 2022 in Central America and the Caribbean

Great Place To Work® Recognizes Friendship Bridge’s Gender Inclusive Culture


Friendship Bridge ranks as the #1 Best Place to Work® for Women 2022 in Central America and the Caribbean, (multinationals category) as identified by Great Place to Work®, by surveying hundreds of employees of multinational companies in the Caribbean and Central America region. The organization asks employees about key factors that they believe create “excellent workplaces,” and analyzes the programs that allow for the development and growth of women. 

Organizations participating in the ranking process must have a female workforce that represents more than 30% of the total organization. At Friendship Bridge, 55% of the organization is made up of women and more than 50% of the leadership positions are occupied by women. Last year, 55% of internal promotions were granted to women. 

 “Friendship Bridge is characterized by empowering Guatemalan women and is proud to mention that it does so internally and externally, ensuring their welfare [and] growth, and impacting both their lives and that of their families,” said Victor Contreras, Director of Human Resources. “We are 100% committed to the well-being of everyone.”

In addition, Friendship Bridge’s has adopted institutional values, including: 

Respect, which promotes equal and fair treatment for all its employees, regardless of race, economic status, gender, religion or ethnicity 

Transparency, by committing to promote communication and honesty

Empowerment, by encouraging the participation of all employees in decision making and the creation of solutions for the benefit of their clients and the organization itself. Friendship Bridge shows interest and concern for the inclusion of women when hiring and promoting. 

The organization supports women in work/life balance, fully complying with their legal benefits, as well as making them participants in enjoying the benefits of the Labor Welfare Program—a set of practices whose objective is to improve the quality of life of its employees. Development Programs and Career Plans are also important practices within the organization that foster professional and personal growth for all. 

There are also inclusive policies, practices, and procedures to ensure equal rights and obligations for all employees, through the Internal Work Regulations and the Code of Ethics and Conduct. This aims to ensure that all employees, regardless of their position, promote an organizational culture based on institutional values, good practices, excellence in internal and external customer service, encouraging teamwork, honesty, professionalism, and quality in interpersonal relations.

“I feel empowered and appreciated! 55% of the organization is represented by women!”

–Ingrid Ibaté, Panajachel office