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Fall/Winter Collection 2018


Introducing the Fall/Winter ‘18 Collection! We are so pleased to announce this gorgeous new collection that highlights the work of our skilled artisans. A Friendship Bridge design team helped work with the artisans to create a collection that encompasses the traditional techniques of Guatemala with product styles that appeal to our customers. Whether you are shopping for unique, handmade gifts, or for something to embellish your own wardrobe, your purchase keeps giving! Your purchase directly supports the artists and our Friendship Bridge Artisan Market Access training program in Guatemala.


Honor Cultural Traditions in Your Home

Bring these beautiful traditional patterns from Guatemala into your home with these stunning handmade Jaspe Pillow Covers, hand-woven on a traditional backstrap loom. And bring some spice to your kitchen with this hand-made quilted hot pad! This home decor celebrates cultural traditions while empowering women through your purchase!


Shop the Jaspe Pillow Covers                          Shop the Quilted Hot Pad  



Add Some Color to Your Holidays!

These delightful ornaments will bring extra cheer to your holidays! Decorate a tree, use as a gift or bottle tag, in any use these ornaments will bring a splash of tradition and color to your celebration! Our Huipilito Ornament is the 1st Edition of what is to be a timeless collection to enjoy for years to come.


Shop the Guatemalan Ornament Set                          Shop the Huipilito Ornament  



Fashionably Luxurious Textiles

Be inspired by the beauty of handmade fashion! These scarves, hand-woven on a backstrap loom and foot loom, feature delicate geometric shapes and traditional Guatemalan patterns. Turn heads while changing lives by supporting ethical fashion!


Shop the Knotted Fringe Scarf                          Shop the Woven Patterned Scarf  



Fun and Fabulous Earrings

Jump into the tassel trend with these adorable tassel earrings! They are available in a variety of colors, either beaded or threaded, to complement your fall wardrobe. Handmade by our artisan client Olga.


Shop the Beaded Tassel Earrings                          Shop the Tassel Earrings  




Accessorize with Empowerment!

Add to your outfit knowing your purchase made a difference and supported a women entrepreneur in Guatemala! The Crossbody Purse is made from up-cycled cortes and huipils, the traditional clothing of Maya women, by Friendship Bridge artisan client Silvia, while the Silver Tassel Tote was hand-woven on a foot loom by artist Marcela.


Shop the Crossbody Purse                          Shop the Silver Tassel Tote  



A Throwback Style with a Guatemalan Twist


In Guatemala women often wear head wraps. Our scrunchies are the USA’s equivalent with a touch of Guatemalan tradition. Made from up-cycled cortes, which are the traditional skirts of Maya women, these scrunchies bring a unique flair to your hair! Accessorize with a chunky Magnetic beaded bracelet, in a variety of colors to match any outfit!


Shop the Corte Scrunchies     Shop the Magnetic Beaded Bracelets