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Faces of Empowerment – Thanksgiving: I have my health!

“I began my first business at 16 years old, selling food on the street. I married at 17 and had my first child at 18. I have a total of nine children, but three have died. I fought for their lives, but due to lack of access to health services, I couldn’t save them. After I found Friendship Bridge I gained access to preventive health services, and it saved my life. After my pap smear, they detected cervical cancer. Since I knew I was dying there was no reason to seek treatment. I felt extremely sad. My nurse, Rebecca, changed my mind. Rebecca is not my daughter, but she is my life-giving angel. I’m so grateful to Nurse Rebecca, my Facilitator Gloria, and the support they gave me. They always told me,‘We fight together, and we’ll win together.’ Now I’m here talking about my victory. I want other women to hear my story. It could save their lives. It’s our job to make the decision to defeat sickness; if I can do it, another woman can do it too.”
-Maria, Friendship Bridge Client