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Bacilia meets with one of her Trust Banks (a group of 7-25 women who co-insure each other’s loans).


Surprise and nervousness filled Bacilia Chay Pos.  Over 100 colleagues began applauding her, smiling.  She looked down, shyly, but then lifted her head thinking, “It’s not a crime to receive a prize, I’m being awarded!”

This year, Whole Planet Foundation recognized Bacilia’s work with the Field Officer Award, and she was presented the award at Friendship Bridge’s staff retreat in Guatemala. “I felt happy, encouraged, and satisfied because my work is being recognized,” says Bacilia. “These types of prizes are important because they encourage.  I don’t just feel like a part of the organization, I am Friendship Bridge. That’s what motivates me each day to help with the development of women.”

Bacilia has been a facilitator (loan officer) with Friendship Bridge for 13 years. She manages over 514 clients with over $225,000 loan portfolio. Not only that, her clients have a repayment rate of over 99%.

Bacilia poses with Astrid Cardona, left, (Guatemala Director) and Karen Larson, right, (CEO & President) of Friendship Bridge.

What’s the key to her success?  Many, certainly, but one of the most important is her compassionate heart. Most days, Bacilia leaves her home early, traveling on public transportation to conduct Non-Formal Education sessions and oversee loan payments for her Trust Banks. “I most enjoy treating the women with respect, understanding them, and figuring out their needs,” says Bacilia.  “I learn from them, and they learn from me.”

As an indigenous woman, Bacilia has a deep understanding of the lives of the women she serves. Similar to many Friendship Bridge clients, Bacilia’s parents were only able to support her through a portion of her education. From the sixth grade on, Bacilia worked on coffee farms and cleaned homes to pay for her high school education.

Today, she prioritizes her clients’ education as well as her five children’s, so they can have tools to invest in their futures.

“A very powerful word used at Friendship Bridge is empowerment,” says Bacilia. “If we as employees are empowered, we can empower the clients. That’s the most rewarding part of my job, seeing entire Trust Banks of women become empowered.”

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