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Virtual Inspiration Wall

2024 Stay-at-Home Building Bridges Gala: Virtual Inspiration Wall

Share Your Inspirations

In the spirit of our 2024 Stay-at-Home Building Bridges Gala theme, Pathways of Her Heart, we invite you to join us in an online celebration of the people who inspire us daily.

Just as our clients shared heartfelt letters with those who have lighted their paths, we encourage you to honor someone who sparks inspiration in your own life.

How to Participate:

  1. Reflect: Think of someone who inspires you. This could be a friend, family member, colleague, or public figure whose qualities, actions, or achievements have encouraged you to grow or view the world differently.
  2. Share: Use the comment section below to share a few words about this person. How have they inspired you? What impact have they had on your journey? Your contribution can be as brief or detailed as you like.
  3. Engage: After posting, take a moment to read other entries who have shared their personal inspirations. Feel free to respond to other users’ comments to create a positive conversation!
  4. Feature Opportunity: Your comment could be featured in an upcoming Gala night email, highlighting the powerful connections and inspirations within our community.

Join us by sharing your inspiration—let’s illuminate the pathways of our hearts together!

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Thank you for sharing your positivity with the Friendship Bridge community!
2 entries.
Yvonne Meyerhofer wrote on March 9, 2024
My two daughters are my inspiration. They have grown to be thinking, compassionate young women, one of whom works for Friendship Bridge!
Nicole Eubanks wrote on March 6, 2024
The women empowered through Friendship Bridge are the same women who empower me. They inspire me through their incredible strength and perseverance. They remind me that despite challenges that are faced, including others and keeping positive, will create small ripples that create huge waves!