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2013 Friendship Bridge Highlights

Signing for a Microloan, GuatemalaAs we embark on 2014, we wanted to share highlights from 2013.  These would not have been possible without the generous support from all of you.  Thank you!

In 2013, Friendship Bridge:

  • Maintained an excellent portfolio quality with 1.27% in write-offs, or $55K, and ending the year with PAR>30 of 0.43% – continuing to be one of the best portfolio results in the industry
  • Increased the number of clients from 15,750 to 19,969
  • Friendship Circles raised over $205,000 to support our mission
  • Promoted 7 employees, 42% of promotions went to women
  • 11.8% of new hires were clients
  • 517 clients attended advanced education or technical training
  • Conducted nearly 19,000 surveys to enhance programming,
  • Presented FB’s Social Performance Management at the Latin America  Village Banking Forum 2013 in Ecuador
  • Implemented a new database – GoProve – to assist in measuring impact
  • Launched new website to raise awareness and funds for FB clients
  • Published in Grameen Foundation’s Blog for our work with PPI
  • Offered tuition reimbursement for 16 employees in Guatemala
  • Initiated clean stove loan, part of our health initiative program
  • Instituted an education loan product at a low interest rate to help clients prioritize education for their children
  • 100% of FB Board of Directors supported our work with financial contributions